what kind of digital camera do you use for your short films?

canon 5d mark ii

Can you recommend a photo lab? I live in the middle of nowhere with no film photo labs in sight? Do you know of a place online by chance, a place where I can mail my film?

I’ve started mailing my film to citizens photo in portland. it takes about a week to get them back, but it’s still cheaper than me developing anywhere in san francisco and I’m happy with that. oregon bonus: no sales tax

cell phone photos from various photoshoots in the last four weeks 

Did you go to school and study photography or is it something you take on yourself? I'm kind of caught in between that decision and I know there's a lot to learn but I'm also so comfortable in doing things on my own, any advice?

I didn’t go to school, which I am not entirely sure about because there are a lot of technical aspects of photography I would like to know as well as the historical facts. Sometimes I wonder how different my photos would be if I had attended school and had a various group of older people suggesting this or that and grading my creations. It sounds awful, really, but also maybe informative. But everything you see in my work now is everything I learned on my own without any help from teachers. I just practice over and over and over and stay patient. 

Your photos tell the most beautiful stories! Thank you for creating and inspiring xx

I’m happy to hear, thank you <3 

Your photography is great. Your models look fantastic and the aesthetics are great. I really like how raw and natural it all looks. Really, really great.

thank you very, very much !