what kind of scanner do you use for your film photos?

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I'm not trying to be rude at all but I was just wondering why you only photograph thin women

hmm I think thinness is the sort of thing that’s subjectively decided from person to person, thus hard to judge. in my opinion, I don’t only photograph thin women. I’ve shot with girls of all kinds of dress size and shape, often dressing them up in my own clothes (and I’m a size 8). I stay away from working with modeling agencies as to not promote a certain type of person, instead my favorite models to work with are fashion bloggers, musicians, and fellow female photographers. the chance that most of these women are on the thinner side of the spectrum is how it happened. am I opposed to working with plus size models? absolutely not. after peeking into the fashion photography world and seeing how it has been formatted to fit one type of person, I definitely try and keep my distance from the “hot skinny tan girl” standard. hope this answers your question. 

the 5 stories for my book “My Eyes Are Full of Honey” 

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How do you find your locations. By chance? Or by exploring?! You find the dreamiest spots. Love your style 🌼💜

almost always by exploring beforehand. location is one of the most important things to me, so I don’t like to wing it very often.